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August 2016 UPDATE:

Update - August 2016
Employers: Employee Benefits Statistics


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Employee Benefits, Statistics + More

Keeping pace with the ever-changing employee health care benefits regulations can be daunting for employers.
To help understand the employer's perspective, we surveyed a diverse group of Southern Cal employers to learn about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage offered to their employees.

We found that most companies offer health care benefits to their employees and comply with the reporting regulations. They also say that minimizing errors is time consuming and requires effort. Below are some interesting statistics from our recent survey:

1. If you provide health benefits to your employees, how many are covered?
62% more than 25 employees 
15% 6-15 employees 
7% 1-5 employees 
7% 16-25
2. Is your ACA tracking and reporting done internally or outsourced?
39% internal 
54% outsource
3. Are You satisfied with the process?
54% - not sure 
31% - yes 
8% - No
4. How do you handle the processing?
77% - manually handle benefits administrator 
15% - use technology management system
5. Did your last renewal and open enrollment run smoothly?
92% - yes - Comment: Comprehensive and went well
6. Are you interested in improving the process?
23% - yes 
31% - no 
31% - not sure
7. Does your company offer dental, vision, life benefits?
62% - yes 
31% - No - Comment: employees have the option of adding it to their plan at their expense
8. Which is the most important service during renewal process?
70% - cost and benefits analysis 
8% - employee counseling 
15% - other - Comment: cost is the main driver

Our friends at Moore Benefits Inc.
provided the following information regarding Tips on How Employers Can Reduce Health Care Costs:

  Consumer Driven Health & High Deductible Health Plans:  new plans with good employer upside helps them reduce employee average yearly spending by 13%. 
New Plan Types -
Depending on company size, work directly with providers and shrink the network a bit, creating their own pool of qualified doctors and hospitals. 
Create a Well-Workplace - Focus heavily on increasing physical activities (a daily 20-minute recess), remove soda and sugary snacks, and become a proponent of healthy meals when employees go to lunch.

Managing Chronic Disease - Stats show that 177 million Americans have at least one chronic disease. Helping them manage these conditions is key to helping them, and keeping costs in line.

Motivate Through Benefit Design - Reward employees appropriately for doing the things to take care of themselves, which benefits the company too.

Educate employees - Differences between Urgent Care and ER - The average trip to
the ER costs about $1,553, while the Urgent Care average cost is $135. Education is key.

When surgery is needed, educate about all available options - Look at local outpatient centers because the cost difference for the company and the employee can sky rocket with surgeries.  

Look into setting up On-site or Near-site Clinics - Large employers have bigger budgets which allows providers to be more creative with employers about the solution.

Tele-medicine - Used for colds, flu, earaches, etc.  They can prescribe medicine, as well as walk employees through highly specialized diagnostic procedures.

Seek Out Operational Efficiency - About $20 billion is wasted in the U.S. Healthcare System caused by unnecessary spending, duplicated testing, complex processes and increased waiting time.
 Medical costs continue to be a significantly drain all businesses. Learning as much as possible ensures that employers are better prepared to meet all of the ever-changing regulations and also provide employees with the options that best suit their needs and save money.

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