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Dear Don,

   Cal/OSHA Inspection ...
Coming Your Way Soon! 


Here's a great article about how businesses get into trouble with Cal/OSHA ... we're hoping you never do. The author is
a Cal/OSHA insider and someone to heed.


The Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), issues a lot of citations every year to employers. Bill Krycia, Cal/OSHA outreach guru, recently offered some very GOOD information to employers specifically dealing with ways your company can avoid getting cited when it gets inspected.

  1. When you get a Cal/OSHA letter - be sure to respond.  You can ask us for help in responding, and usually should ask for help.
  2. Please remember the importance of timely (within 8 hours) reporting a serious injury or death to the Cal/OSHA (DOSH) district office - $5,000 for failure to report or late report - we can help with an appeal especially for late reporting - but when you can 911- call Cal/OSHA right then to be safe. (Serious means amputation with any bone loss, even the littlest tip of a finger, or overnight in a hospital for observation, or a severe burn or scarring.
  3. Always produce requested documents - like your written safety plan (Injury and Illness Prevention Plan) Heat Illness Prevention Plan, respiration plan for your operation, lock out/tag out plan for your operation, hazard communications plan for chemicals, fork lift certifications or operating rules - (If you don't have them, we can help).
  4. Your employees - even your own supervisors or managers - need to know the safety rules, or that there is an IIPP.
  5. Don't use safety documents that are "off the shelf" or which don't even have your company name or a current employee referenced.  This ensures a citation.

During a site visit, DOSH looks for hazards, employee exposure, "process flow" and the presence of required elements of relevant regulations. DOSH will document both compliance and non-compliance, such as taking samples or direct readings on exposure levels or ambient temperatures, in the case of heat.  


The Division cites employers who aren't evaluating the hazards specific to their work sites. For example:

  1. Failure to inspect your toilets: if you're an agricultural employer, DOSH always inspects you should check them too.
  2. Ignore the hazards of confined spaces: Having no program and no training employers cited, could also get your district attorney interested Krycia said. 
When it comes to hazards in the workplace, employers should think in terms of best practices. Cal/OSHA regulations are minimum standards. Employers should Aim Higher...
otherwise they could get cited.

New 2015 Laws Require Your Adherence! ... 
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