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June 2016 UPDATE:

Update #2 - June 2016
Heat Illness 2016 - Important Facts


Dear Don,
2016 Heat Illness Special Focus

Employers Are Required To Protect Their Outdoor Workers:   
On June 1, 2016, The California Occupational Safety and Health Division issued a high heat advisory, warning employers to protect their outdoor workers from heat illness as temperatures hit extreme highs this week.

The heat advisory stated that there is a prediction that temperatures will be well over 100 degrees in many locations, including the greater San Diego area and the Inland Empire east of Los Angeles and even in some cities that are normally cooler in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Last year California revised its Heat Illness Prevention regulations changing the requirements for potable water, shade, cool-down periods, high-heat procedures, emergency preparedness, acclimatization, training, and written heat illness prevention plans.  They are NOT optional.  Keep in mind that inspectors will be checking up on employers with NO NOTICE ahead of time.

 Heat Advisory Main Topics Include:
  • Potable Water Requirements
  • Shade Requirements
  • Preventive Cool-Down Rest Periods
  • High-Heat Procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness Requirements
  • Acclimatization
  • Training
It is mandatory that employers re-train their employees for compliance. The many requirements of the heat regulation have created a large wave of serious accident-related citations.  It is now necessary that employees be trained on the first day of work about heat illness.  Now is the time to begin new summer season training.

Attached an important Safety Bulletin - Heat Stress - regarding Heat-related Training Tools that help employers deal with the effects of heat on their employees.  
Also attached find more specific information about 2016 Cal/OSHA Heat Illness regulations you might find helpful.  If you need a little expert help reviewing your written heat illness prevention plan or have other questions, please let us know.   

These important recommendations are lifelong practices.
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