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June 2016:

Update - June 2016
Safey Requires Attention To Detail


Dear Don,
Importance of Safety

Distracted Walking Is Serious ... So Pay Attention:   
Even in familiar surroundings, we need to constantly be looking for dangers around us throughout our day. Keeping an eye out for hazards can help you identify and avoid them before an injury occurs. Looking at the world through this safety lens can help you protect yourself and those around you.  
  • Watch Where You're Going
  • Protect the Seniors in Your Life
  • Protect the Children in Your Life
  • Take Safety With You
Click Here to learn better ways to stay focused and be safe while walking. 

Make Safe Choices On The Road:
The nation's roadways are a place of constant risk, with millions of vehicles moving alongside one another. Since it's impossible to control the choices of everyone on the road, we need to be defensive drivers. Getting behind the wheel is a time for patience and focus - qualities that can help you avoid a collision should someone else make a bad decision.  Consider These Options:
  • Be Distraction-free
  • Avoid Impairment
  • Check Your Speed
  • Rest Up
  • Help Teens and Children
Click Here for a more in-depth discussion on the above safety points.

Diabetes & Worker Safety: 
Diabetes is an epidemic in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 29.1 million people in the US - almost 10 percent of the population - have the disorder. Of those, 8.1 million are not diagnosed.

The seventh leading cause of death in the nation, diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision problems and lower limb amputation if not controlled.

Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act effective in 2009, states that people with diabetes are protected under anti-discrimination laws.

In most cases workers with diabetes are not required to disclose the condition to their employer. If employees must alter work routines because of their diabetes, they should say something to their management, but it isn't mandatory.

These workers often disclose their condition to request "reasonable accommodations." The employer may request proof of disability and a reason for accommodations. The law is clear: An employer cannot retaliate against a worker for requesting such accommodations.

To learn more about diabetes,  Click Here:  

These important recommendations are lifelong practices.
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