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March 2016:

March 2016 Issue
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Dear Don,
7 Reasons Housekeeping Matters
Safety Training Housekeeping Helps Employers Comply with OSHA's Safety  Obligations
Springtime is not the only time we should think about housekeeping.

Workplace safety helps prevent slips and falls, lost equipment, and fire hazards and play an important role in keeping your work place clean and orderly. Employee safety requires an ongoing focus to reinforce the reasons why implementing housekeeping standards and enforcement guidelines help reduce hazards. 

Changing Attitudes About Workplace Cleanup

Employees frequently see cleaning up after themselves as a chore designed to keep the workplace "looking nice" and merely an interruption to doing their job. But the truth is, it can save lives.  

Consequences Of Ignoring Housekeeping Rules
  1. Slips, Trips and Falls. Obviously, this is a big one. If debris or spills are on the floor, it can lead to devastating and costly injuries.
  2. Missing Equipment. If a tool has gone missing, you are more likely to use another tool - and more likely to get injured doing so.
  3. Bad First Impressions. During an OSHA inspection, if the facility is dirty or disorganized, the compliance officers are going to start off with a bad impression of the company's safety policies.
  4. Fire prevention. If hazardous material piles up, it could easily become kindling for a workplace fire. The workplace must be kept clean to prevent fires from starting or spreading.
  5. Emergency Escapes. If there are obstacles blocking employee's safe exit from the building, any delay could prove fatal. A clean workplace with easy access to all exits is absolute for avoiding danger during an emergency - no exception.
  6. Wasted Time. Extra time looking for tools and materials, navigating around messes, or cleaning up when a mess accumulates, costs the company. It       is better to clean on a continual basis and keep the workplace running smoothly.
  7. Good Habits. Safety requires constant awareness. If anyone takes a lax attitude toward keeping the work area clean, it's doubtful they'll be paying attention to safety on a regular basis.
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