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Dear Don,

  "Steps" for Keeping Workers
Safe While Driving 

Many workers are required to drive as part of their jobs - and what could be simpler, right? Most of us have been driving our entire adult lives.

But vehicle accidents are actually a major cause of workplace injuries and deaths. As an employer, you have the ability to help keep yourself and others safe ... whether you're in the vehicle with them or not.

Getting from Point A to Point B & Back in One Piece:
  • Seat belt policies. This rule should be universal. If you're in a vehicle, the seat belts need to be on. No exceptions.
  • Texting and driving. The dangers are well-documented, yet many continue to do this risky practice. Never answer the phone or text while driving, and making sure you don't call or text others while you know they're on the road.
  • Time of arrival. Leave plenty of time to get where you're going, accounting for traffic or unforeseen delays. This will encourage you not to speed or drive recklessly.
  • Vehicle safety. Check vehicles for damage or maintenance needs before starting out on the road. Fix any problems you have with a vehicle right away.
To help you promote safety and employee morale ... as well as meet your safety training plans provided in your Illness & Injury Prevention Plan ... will provide you periodic safety messages on important topics such as this.

We suggest you either use this material for safety meetings, (recording who led the discussion and all employees who attended). You can also distribute by email, post it on bulletin boards, use as payroll stuffers, use as topics in employee newsletters, or any other approach that displays notices at your workplace.

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