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Norm Jones

The full impact of our fantastic new position didn't hit for a few minutes. I can tell you it's the most aggressive settlement I have ever received. Enjoy the most lavish, upscale dinner you can imagine and send me the bill when you return. Thanks again. Norm

John Giovannetti

Thanks for all that you have done for us. We would not have gotten very far without your help. B.E. trusts you and has allowed you to guide us. I think that, down deep, he knew that what you have suggested for us through this process has been the right thing.

Carol Litschwager

Everyone respects you so much" referring to presentation of Finance Commission Review of City '05-06 Budget.

Peter Naughton, Clean Sweep Vision Inc

You did a great job at the Riverside workers' compensation presentation.

Grace Whitcomb, Southern Calif. Edison, Asian Business Association-workshop

I had the opportunity to attend the Workers Compensation class you gave at the Inland Empire SBDC and found your presentation very informative. The best part was you did it in a way that most small business owners could understand and relate to. This is a pretty dry subject, but a very important business issue for employers.

Rich Angelo, Stay Green Inc.

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for your expert advice in this matter. You sure know this business and by you getting us on the right path this year will be much better than we all had projected. Thanks again.

Chris Angelo, Stay Green Inc.

Thanks for your expert oversight. It certainly paid off. Our ex-mod went from 120 to 149 and we received an overall policy 4% discount from the prior years class rates. Our gardener rate went from $22.44 (2004) to $21.335 (2005). Only increase in rate was tree pruning from $58.83 (2004) to $62.73 (2005).

Trudy R. Silveira, Safety Coordinator

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